Brands that adapt to whatever comes next. The case of DiverXO

Having a good product is super important to be successful. But there are so many great products out there that no one has discovered yet …

Therefore, providing great products with great brands is the perfect combination, and, above all, it’s necessary for success.

David Muñoz and the people in charge of the DiverXO brand know this very well.


They have created a very defined and powerful brand, totally in line with the experience they sell at the remarkable price of € 250 per menu. At this price, they can better make us feel like we can fly!

And I’m sure they will. In fact, one of its symbols is a flying pig.

DiverXO has not only managed to create an unmistakable brand, with a super striking image and an almost aggressive language. They have also managed to adapt to new circumstances and reinvent themselves.

One of the factors that most differentiates DiverXO from other restaurants is that it is intended to be experienced exclusively in the restaurant. The place and the service itself are an important part of the experience. Therefore, offering your food as delivery would damage the experience and therefore their your brand.

During these difficult months for the hospitality industry, instead of doing DiverXO to-go, they have invented a new sub-brand, GoXO (pig in Spanish). The name is already great, because it continues to represent what DiverXO is – powerful, aggressive, unique-, and maintains the iconic letters XO that are an intrinsic part of its image. We can relate GoXO to the essence of its mother brand instantly while knowing that we are facing a different concept.

GoXO has a different menu, specifically designed to be consumed at home. It comes prepared in containers with simple instructions on how to finish preparing it, how to consume it, and in what order.


Following the success of GoXO in Madrid, they have launched the concept in Barcelona and will do so in other cities. This is a clear example of how a situation of need has led a business to reinvent itself and discover new ways of working, for which perhaps it would never have bet otherwise. And, in addition, expand and succeed. As the proverb goes: necessity is the mother of innovation.

And not satisfied enough with the success of GoXO, Daviz Muñoz’s brand is still going strong and has now launched its Food truck in one of the busiest areas of Madrid, bringing its experience to many more audiences, including those with a lower purchasing power than that of consumers who go to DiverXO (although I don’t think the price of the Goxo Food Truck hot dog costs € 0.90 like that of IKEA one, but you know what I mean…).

What will be the next stop for the most GoXO Food truck? Something is for sure, there will be many more.

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